Embracing the Best SEO Practices for Mobile SEO in 2020

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Embracing the Best SEO Practices for Mobile SEO in 2020

In the current scenario where Google is continually tweaking its search engine algorithms and making changes to make the search engine rankings more accurate, keeping up and coping with Google’s new techniques seems to be quite perplexing. Every business wants to dominate the Search Engine Result pages and be on Google’s top of search engine listings to be one prominent face in the industry.

What makes mobile SEO vital?

We live in an epoch where mobile search is on the rise, and mobile search is certainly essential for driving sales. A website’s seamless mobile version is a major determining factor in representing real organizations as well as other entities. Therefore to provide the customers with real-time experience, it is vital to adapt to the new trends and practice mobile SEO techniques that will be in the buzz in the year 2020.

Ways to enhance the mobile user experience

If you don’t want to be practically invisible in the search engine results, here are some tips that can help to keep your site organized. Dive in and make yourself a well-known name among the search engine giants!

1. Bounce rate

Just like charity starts at home, the best place to start optimizing your site’s mobile experience is improvising the bounce rates. Fewer people know that the mobile bounce rate is typically higher than the desktop versions as predicted by the Stone Temple Consulting and so the dwell time is a significant SEO ranking factor. The more people bounce, the more terrible your search engine rankings get. So focus on reducing the bounce rates.

2. Focus on site speed

Every user abandons a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is one age-old trick that is still in the limelight. Every visitor wants the site to load in 1-2 seconds, and so you can’t mess around with the speed of the mobile page. Juts test your site through Google’s mobile speed test and check if there are any significant speed issues.

3. Site responsiveness

Having a seamless site is probably the most crucial and evident trends in mobile SEO in 2020. Make your site free of bugs and glitches, and your site will be as mobile-friendly as anything.

4. Mobile friendly pop-ups

If you want your business to be in the boom, then you will have to promote your lead magnets, offers, and webinars by avoiding the Chrome adblocker. Use mobile-friendly pop-ups and make it easy for the ads to appear anywhere you want.

5. Content Optimization

Content stands out to be Google’s top three search engine factors. This is why it is important to focus on content optimization for keyword intent and build inbound links that can enhance your authority and relevance for specific search terms.

The bottom line

If you don’t want to ignore most of your potential buyers in 2020, then it is high time that you switch for mobile SEO in 2020. These tips are just scratching on the surface. If you want a deep dive into the world of mobile SEO, there are some further advances that you can potentially find out through contacting here.