Know All About Google Ignoring Flash Content on Websites!

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Know All About Google Ignoring Flash Content on Websites!

Since the early 2000s, the web has been flooded with flash content. With the video, animations, and games, the flash content paved a new way for more interactive content on the internet. Flash used to be the ultimate solution for boring static websites. However, the weak security and the poor performance of the flash content on the mobile devices have led to its decline.

With more and more internet companies slowing their support towards the flash content, Google will also ignore the flash content as well as the SWF file on the websites. The HTML page with Flash contents will be indexed, but the Flash component will be ignored. However, if an entire page is built with Flash, it will not be indexed. It demands the websites that rely on flash content to shift to other formats.

Reasons for Downfall of Flash Content

With the evolution and maturing of the open standards, the functionalities and capabilities provided by the plugins are directly integrated into the browsers. The integration makes the Flash less relevant. Some of the other reasons why Google will ignore the flash content include:

Security Issues

The Flash content comes with various security flaws like bugs and malware. Cross-site scripting, overflow, executable code, and denial-of-service are other security vulnerabilities associated with the flash content. The security issues led to the security experts recommending against the installation of Flash. The growing security concerns finally made Google ignore the Flash as well as the SWF content on the websites.


Inefficiency is another reason behind Google ignoring the flash and SWF files on the websites. The flash content usually consumes a lot of power and slows down the speed of the browsers. It also requires your computer to do a great deal of unnecessary work. With the advancement in technology, there is a growing need for a light and efficient content that has led to the abandonment of the flash and SWF content.

Incompatibility with Apple Devices

With the ever evolving industry all across the globe, iPhone and iPad are in high demand. But Flash seems to be incompatible with the mobile devices of Apple. It doesn’t work effectively on various mobile devices, consumes a lot of memory, and leads to battery drain. Considering the following consequences, Google has decided to ignore the flash content on the websites.

Better Solutions

Another major reason for ignoring the flash content and SWF files is the availability of better animation solutions. HTML5 is the new standard for animation with advanced features. HTML5 is easily supported on all browsers and functions well on all devices, making it more efficient as compared to the flash content.

Though most users will not experience the impact of the change, Google ignoring the flash content on websites will have some repercussions. Flash has helped in inspiring the whole web. But with Google ignoring the flash content, it is time for SEO experts to move on to the next best web standard. With the changing times, HTML5 is becoming a better alternative to Flash.