How to Optimize Your Video for Search Engines!

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How to Optimize Your Video for Search Engines!

Content Optimization is very different from Video Optimization. Spending all the money and time behind producing, editing, and strategizing is not enough for your video to get featured among the top-rated videos. First, let us get a clear idea of what exactly is video SEO. In simple words, video SEO is the optimization of your video so that it gets ranked and indexed on the pages of the top search engines when searched with relevant keywords. There are various optimization strategies which this article outlines and it would help your video to gain the topmost rank in no time. So let’s start with them right away.

1. Choose Correct Platform

Choosing the right platform to host your video is the most crucial step. There are a few things you can consider before you choose a platform, like what your ultimate goal is. Is it for spreading brand awareness, general thought leadership, or to gain new leads and site traffic? If your concern revolves around brand awareness and general thought leadership then Vimeo and YouTube are perfect for that. Advantage of using these platforms is that maximum traffic is attracted to the video once it is indexed on the platform. But if your concern revolves around site traffic and gaining of new leads, then you should explore alternative platforms which would help your website gain a maximum of the traffic through links in the video or other techniques.

2. Insert Video Transcript

The text which you pair with the video is called video transcript. This helps the users to watch the video without any sound and still enjoy all of it with the subtitles. This is a very essential aspect of video optimization as it makes your video more attainable and available to a larger group of people, especially when they are in a crowded place with no headphones. Transcripts would have a huge impact on the ranking of your video.

3. Ensure To Engage Your Thumbnail Imagine

The searcher would first come across your video thumbnail when it is indexed which shows that the thumbnail plays an important role in people’s decision whether they would click on your video or not. The video thumbnail image should be engaging & compelling enough and relevant to your website or the video. This would ensure that the target audience would get attracted to your video right away and help your video rank among the top search results. Recent studies have proved that videos with attractive thumbnails get a thirty percent higher play rate in comparison to those which are without them.

Apart from these things, there are few other things which you can consider for your video SEO such as paying attention to the description of your video and title, avoiding embedding the same video at various places, and more. You can promote the video on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you can also ask the professionals to promote your video. All you have to do is hire the right company and they will take care of the entire process.