PPC Management In India

Beat the competition and stay there is the best practice for any Pay per Click (PPC) Management. The brilliance of our PPC consultants deliver you the best return on investment and at the end this is the only scale on which we judge the success of your PPC campaign. SEOTonic’s PPC consultants brings you the best research, optimization techniques and reporting tools at your disposal.

The best part of paid search and ROI goes parallel. This is the most accurate and precise scale available in search space measuring your return on investments.

Everything is under control except the conversions but we always strive to beat previous figures.

PPC Professionals

All our PPC professional are skilled and experienced. Upon joining there is an orientation program followed by a rigorous three months training schedule focusing on cost per acquisition and making sure on return on investment model. This kind of PPC training allows them not only hone their skills on strategic front in a planned manner, but also confirms the success of your PPC campaign to the maximum.

  • PPC campaign audit
  • Competitive research
  • PPC strategy & tactics
  • Keyword research & mining
  • Campaign targeting
  • Ad copy creation
  • Creative testing
  • Ad copy extensions
  • Bid optimization
  • Click path analysis
  • Architectural structure
  • Day parting
  • Thoughtful reporting

Full Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Competitive Intelligence

We use favorable solutions to outclass your brand against your competitors and comes out with a PPC audit to tell you the present status. Then we formulate market centric strategy to gain more market share with couple of bespoke optimized landing pages to attract more clicks.


This is important how you PPC campaign is targeted; locations, languages, devices, search engine selection and setting up the PPC campaign with both the choices including publishers.

Campaign Expansion

Keep evolving keywords and this is not a onetime process. As the time progresses overall the search landscape is frequently changing, new search terms are finding its place more often and based on that your online business need a winning PPC strategy.

Multiple Adcopy

Multiple ad copy variations needs to be tested and choose the best performing ad copy to influence highest possible clicks and better conversion rate. To calculate the true value of the search engines and their latest functionality we run ad extension testing extensively.

Keyword Generation

With an access of more than a billion keywords, we classify keywords in groups to target your customers by analyzing their buying behaviour.


We propose custom optimization for each of our client that ensure maximum ROI on your investments.

It is unusual for you not to get on board upon Paid Search in some or the form.

It is obvious you expect more return compared to your investment in paid search, but you are not sure how you can improve it further and at times you are not confident about your campaign’s performance.

We at SEOTonic understand the urgency of your existing complete PPC campaign audit so that you come to know the hidden potential and available opportunities for your campaign.

  • Architectural review
  • Structural performance
  • Keyword density
  • Negative match testing
  • Competitive marketplace research
  • Quality score assessment
  • Opportunity analysis

Just being the brand owner is not enough to get special rights or privilege over ad placements that is why we consider a real risk of being thrown away by your competitors in search engines, even people are looking for you. Your competitors may try to hit your campaign hard.

Is your traffic is seal packed?

Do you know that more than 30% users who look for your product or services does not really click on your ad rather they click on your friend’s website instead? Our experienced PPC consultants may help you identifying the leakages of your website. We make sure that your traffic leakages are seal packed.

Branded Landing Pages

As an owner controlling your online business is an integral part of your digital strategy. The search spaces is an open opportunity it allows you to explore its hidden potential to the maximum by giving tough competition to your competitors and strengthening your position by converting your clicks to conversion.

We’re experienced and skilled and we take you away with branded landing pages and microsites at the same time we make sire to optimize it to firmly stay on top positions in search engines.

Interim, Tailor-made PPC Campaign Management

Leads are important for your business and lead generation is economical and effective. You simply pay for each lead we deliver. There are various ways through you can generate leads like online registrations, emails and engaging with users socially.

It doesn’t matter to SEOTonic we can speedily formulate a winning strategy that addresses your short-term or long-term objective, through search, social channel or other forms of online marketing that flawlessly meet your expectations.

  • Tailored PPC campaign management
  • Reliable tracking & reporting
  • Data capturing
  • Website creation
  • Social lead solutions